Presentations and workshops of varying lengths are available on many topics related to autism:
"I was moved by her stories of raising her son who has autism. She has a unique perspective as a parent and a professional."
School Principal


Julie Donnelly and/or Jean-Paul Bovee custom design workshops for the needs of schools, agencies, groups or conferences. Workshops can range from 3 hours to 2 days. Workshops can range from the basics of understanding autism to more advance training in specific techniques and strategies. Trainings can be focused on students with challenging needs or on the more subtle needs of the individuals with High-functioning Autism / Aspergers syndrome. The content can be adapted to parents, school staff, mental health staff or administrators. Workshops often include additional speakers such as Sheila Merzer a psychologist with over 30 years of expertise in autism.. During workshops, concepts and skills and are illustrated through stories, pictures, videos, demonstrations and hands on practice activities.

Fees and expenses are individually negotiated based on length of the workshop, travel time, budget of the workshop sponsor and number and availability of the presenters.

Some recent workshops include:

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Keynote Presentations

Jean-Paul and Julie often Keynote conferences including the national conference of the Autism Society of America (ASA), State conferences, and conferences of professional and parent advocacy organizations. They tell their personal story along with many lessons that they have learned through their talks: The Adventures of Jean-Paul (Julie and Jean-Paul) or A Mother's Story (just Julie) or My Experiences with Autism (just Jean-Paul). Their keynotes have been described and inspirational, humorous and moving. The audience leaves with some strategies to try, some stories to help them remember the techniques and a renewed sense of hope.

Keynotes range from 45 minutes to two hours. Fees and expenses are individually negotiated based on length of the presentation, travel time, budget of the sponsor and number and availability of the presenters.

Some recent Keynotes and presentations include:

Jean-Paul also presents these sessions on his own:

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Dr. Julie A. Donnelly is often hired to participate in evaluations or to consult on specific children or programs. Frequently a school or agency requests that she give recommendations on educational identification or labeling and/or on programming for students suspected of having autism. When students have challenging behavior, Dr. Donnelly assists with a Functional Assessment of Behavior and the creation of a behavior plan. Although, Julie has served as an expert witness in Due Process and court hearings, she would prefer to work with the schools and parents to find a strategy that will support the child and prevent further conflict. Her experience sitting on both sides of the parent/ professional table give her a balanced view of many problem situations.

Several schools have ongoing contracts with Dr. Donnelly. Fees and expenses are individually negotiated based on a daily rate, travel time, and her availability.

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Gills vs Columbia Public Schools, MO (School prevailed in due process, appeal and appeal to 8th Circuit)

Nordbergs vs Minneapolis, MN Schools (School prevailed in due process and appeal)

Lee's Summit, MO due process (settled in school's favor, unnamed for confidentiality)

Asburys vs Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Ed (DESE prevailed and in appeal and in 8th district, Supreme Court review denied)

True vs Farmington Schools, Farmington, Minnesota (School prevailed in due process)

Lange vs Lange custody case (child with autism). Testified for mother who was providing education and services and she prevailed.

Siddell vs Lower Kuskokwim School District, Bethel, Alaska (settled)

Jennings versus Grant Woods Area Education Agency, Iowa (settled)

Springfield Public Schools, Springfield, Illinois (two due process cases settled)

Department of Defense: U. S. Army Schools (Fort Knox)

Sullivan vs Grant Wood Area Education Agency

Consulted on numerous cases for parents or schools which were settled.

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