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Publications By Dr. Donnelly

Peer reviewed publications and books

Donnelly, J.A. (2008). Growing up with Autism: One parent's perspective. In K.D. Buron & P. Wolfberg (Eds.), Learners on the Autism Spectrum (pp.307-317). Shawnee Mission, KS: Autism Aspergers Publishing Company.

Donnelly, J.A., & Bovee, J-P (Fall, 2003). Reflections on Play: Recollections from a mother and son with AS. Autism: The International Journal of Resarch and Practice, special issue on play, guest edited by Dr. Pamela Wolfberg.

Donnelly, J. A., & Bovee, J-P. (2000). Guest editors of a special edition of Focus on Autism and other Developmental Disabilities, 15,4, Winter 2000.

Donnelly, J. A. and family. (2000) A family account of autism: Life with Jean-Paul. Focus on Autism and other Developmental Disabilities, 15, 4, Winter 2000, 196-201.

Donnelly, J. A. (1999). Speaking for Ourselves: The thoughts and words of persons with autism. Autism99, International Internet conference,

Smith, S. M., & Donnelly, J. A. (1998). Successful transition of students with autism. In R. Simpson and B. S. Myles (Eds.), Educating children and youth with autism, (pp. 257-275), Austin, TX: Pro-ed.

Donnelly, J. A. (1997). Book Review: Higher functioning adolescents and young adults with autism: A teacher's guide. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 12, 60-61.

Donnelly, J. A., & Altman, R. (1994). The Autistic Savant: Implications for Gifted Students with Disabilities. Roeper Review.

Other Publications

Donnelly, J. A. (2003) Helping Eric help himself (self-management) Newsletter of the Center for Innovations in Special Education.

Donnelly, J. A. (2000). Building good programs for students with autism, Special Education Law Update, 9, no.8.

Donnelly, J. A. (2000). Supporting Transitions, Special Education Law Update, 9, no.7.

Donnelly, J. A. (2000). Consultant explains one-to-one teaching methods, Special Education Law Update, 9, no.6, pp. 1, 6 & 7.

Donnelly, J. A., (1997) Asian Lessons, Advocate, Fall.

Donnelly, J. A. (1996). Subtypes of Autism. ACCESS Express.

Donnelly, J. A. (1996). The pros and cons of discrete trial training: Is the 'Lovaas' behavior modification method appropriate for my student? ACCESS Express, 4,1-2.

Donnelly, J. A. (1996). Body talk: Learning to speak nonverbal language. The Morning News, April.

Donnelly, J. A. (1996). The paraprofessional's role in curriculum adaptation. ACCESS Express, Vol 3, 3, 1-2.

Donnelly, J. A. (1995). A MAAP shows you how to get there. Midwest Autism Newsletter. Vol. I, #2, 3-4.

Donnelly, J. A. (1995). Practical Tips on adapting curriculum. Midwest Autism Newsletter. Vol. I, #2, 6-7.

Donnelly, J. A., & Levy, Stine M. (1995). Strategies for assisting individuals with high-functioning autism and/or Asperger Syndrome. Autism Society of America 1995 National Conference on Autism Proceedings, Dallas, Texas: Future Horizons.

Donnelly, J. A., & Bovee, J. (1995). Jean-Paul. Advocate, (March).

Donnelly, J. (1995). A highly functional definition. ACCESS Express.

Donnelly, J. A. (1995). Book Review: I don't want to be inside myself anymore: Messages from an autistic mind, by Birger Sellin. Advocate.

Donnelly, J. A. (1994-1995). Column: Information line on the gifted person with autism. A Newsletter for Families of More AdvancedAutistic People (MAAP), Vol. II, 1994, Vol I, 1995, & Vol IV, 1995.

Donnelly, J. A. (1994). Looking for the inclusion solution? ACCESS Express, Vol 2, 2, 3.

Donnelly, J. A. (1994). Excerpts from the young adults with autism panel: speaking for ourselves. ASA 1994 Las Vegas. Advocate, (Nov).

Donnelly, J. A (1994). Book Review: My autobiography.Advocate.

Donnelly, J. A. (1991). Reverse mainstreaming helps normal children learn about autism. Advocate, 23 (3).

Donnelly, J. A. (1991). Jean-Paul keeps going. Advocate, 23, (1 & 2).

Donnelly, J. (1989).A Family Conversation. Family Forum on Autism.

Donnelly, J. A. (1987). From autism to honor roll. Advocate, 19.

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"Dr. Donnelly has helped me to understand my son's disability in a different light. Now we have some strategies that really seem to be helping."
Cathy Sutton, parent

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